What is CHOREOS?

From the tension between song, poetry and movement in the ancient Greek sense of musiké arises the energy that turns CHOREOS into a firework of emotions. 


Stephan Lutermann and Lars Scheibner add a perceptual level to choral sound, they awaken, sharpen and expand the body awareness of their singer performers. 


16 selected singers from 9 nations, that is enthusiasm and emotion - symbiosis of classical choral music and scenic performance on the highest level.


You have a good voice above average, you like the stage as a holistic experience and you enjoy working with other young people on the highest musical level?


Supporting young people in the fields of art, culture and science is the concern of the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation - and on a European level ...


Photo galleries and videos of previous productions, press reviews and voices of (enthusiastic) visitors, material to download for reporting ...