The Tyger

"The perfect - the longing for it and the experience of impossibility".
This partly sweet, partly tormenting search for the perfect is brought amazingly close to the listeners and spectators by the international ensemble CHOREOS under the direction of Stephan Lutermann with the revival of the spectacular production "The TYGER" and lets it become tangible.

Singing and dancing, sound and movement, united in one ensemble - this is not only possible, but it opens eyes and ears to a completely new, unusual sensation. For this purpose, the 16 singers from nine nations were specially cast and brought together to form a globally unique ensemble that ignites a firework of beautiful sounds and strong emotions with the production "The TYGER".

Singing and movement have belonged together since ancient times. CHOREOS already proved in 2017 at the acclaimed premiere of "The TYGER" in the cathedral of nightlife, the Berghain in Berlin, that this is also possible with sophisticated choral music. "Musically multifaceted and igniting music, scenically moving and touchingly designed" is how the interplay of first-class singing and expressive range of movement is described by CHOREOS.

In the production of the Berlin choreographer Lars Scheibner, contemporary settings of the famous poems "The Tyger" and "The Lamb" by the British poet William Blake (1757-1827) have been given an exciting face. CHOREOS uses the contrast inherent in both poems to address fundamental contrasts of the human condition: Strength and weakness, aggressiveness and vulnerability.

This cosmos is complemented by other compositions by Scandinavian composers. The works of Sven-David Sandström, Tommy B. Andersson, Emil Raberg and others offer the ensemble fantastic possibilities to present the entire dynamic and emotional range in singing and dancing. In this way, ever new images emerge, memorable and of archaic power.

With "The TYGER", Stephan Lutermann and Lars Scheibner have created a new experience for choral music: a combination of singing, choreography and storytelling that is unique to date.


B. Tommy Andersson (*1964)
"The Tyger" (text: William Blake), for mixed choir and accordion

Sven-David Sandström (1942-2019)
„Songs of Love“, for mixed choir a capella
I Let him kiss me
II Until the Daybreak
III Awake o North Wind
IV His left Hand

John Tavener (1944-2013)
“The Lamb” (Text: William Blake)

Emil Råberg (*1985)
“The Tyger” (Text: William Blake)

Jan Sandström (*1954)
„Vid en strand“, for mixed choir and accordion

Sven-David Sandström (1942-2019)
“To see a world” (Text: William Blake)

B. Tommy Andersson (*1964)
"The Tyger" (text: William Blake), for mixed choir and accordion