What is CHOREOS?

CHOREOS is emotion.

From the tension between song, poetry and movement in the ancient Greek sense of musiké arises the energy that turns CHOREOS into a firework of emotions. 

music is movement

CHOREOS productions expose this primal impulse to move. It is combined with space and light and shaped into representation. As a result, the musical work is experienced in a new physical wholeness, in which sound and movement do not compete with each other, but complement and enrich each other in a fruitful way.

The inspiration for the work with CHOREOS is the human being, who in his truthfulness is the model for the ensemble in the representation on stage. Music as uncompromising sound is not pictured in CHOREOS, but is opened by another level of perception, thus expanding the spectrum of emotions that are aroused in the audience by the performance.

The knowledge of space and the energies resting in it are also used by CHOREOS for the staging of choral singing. The dialogue between inner and outer perception, the interaction of individual and collective as well as choral singing at the highest level - these are the basic approaches of CHOREOS.


Mit der neuen Produktion „Essence“ begibt sich das Ensemble CHOREOS auf eine Reise zu den Wurzeln unseres kulturellen Daseins. 16 Ausnahmedarsteller:innen und ein außergewöhnlicher Akkordeonist als instrumentaler Gegenpart spüren den drängenden Fragen unserer Existenz in acht Bildern und Stücken nach.

The Tyger

The first production of the ensemble CHOREOS under the direction of Stephan Lutermann celebrated its acclaimed premiere in August 2017 under the name "The TYGER".

Dream (E)scapes

The theme of the new CHOREOS production is different worlds and states of consciousness as well as dreams. Associations and parallels to concepts such as day/night, dreams, nightmares, fears, hectic and calm are obvious and intentional. 

CHOREOS Kids Project

17 young ballet students aged between 14 and 18 years rehearsed and worked enthusiastically for 6 months la in 2019. As with the adults, CHOREOS stands for singing and movement in a successful unity.