Dream (E)scapes

The further you go, the less you know …

The new CHOREOS production is titled "Dream (e)scapes" and highlights dreams, parallel and illusory worlds as well as the escape into them in seven chapters and works. Associations and parallels to concepts such as day/night, dreams/nightmares, fears, hectic and calm are obvious and intentional.

On a deeper level, however, it is also about the liquid transitions between worlds. The flight into illusory worlds, parallel worlds and, above all, virtual worlds. Connected to this is also the question of home, society and our longings. CHOREOS will again bring these facets into exciting images with its artistic director, Stephan Lutermann, and its choreographer, Lars Scheibner.

From a technical point of view, the new production has also been created in cooperation with the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Students from the Media Interaction Design and Computer Science program, together with the artistic director, Stephan Lutermann, have developed a CHOREOS app, which has been on the market since spring 2021. All info on the new production as well as photos and even a 360-degree 3D trailer of the production can be accessed via the app.

As an absolute novelty, there is the possibility in the live concert with the help of the CHOREOS app via augmented reality technology (AR technology) to digitally expand the real space and view exciting content that is in real dialogue with the real action on stage.

The musical spectrum ranges from romantic works by Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss to music of the 20th century with works by Einojuhani Rautavaara and Knut Nystedt, to two commissioned compositions by Jan Sandström and Georgi Sztojanov.


The musical program of the production
"Dream (e)scapes" includes the following works:

Richard Strauß – Der Abend
Jan Sandström - Der Prozess (commissioned for “Dream (e)scapes”)
Knut Nystedt – Immortal Bach
Georgi Sztojanov – „Path – the Game“ (comissioned for “Dream (e)scapes”)
Rautavaara - excerpts from "Vigil
Gustav Mahler – Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (arranged by Clytus Gottwald)
Richard Strauß – Morgen (arranged by Clytus Gottwald)