CHOREOS Kids Project

“Gestern – Heute – Morgen”

In January 2019, the CHOREOS Kids Project started with the title "Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" under the artistic direction of Stephan Lutermann and choreographer Lars Scheibner. 

17 young ballet students between the ages of 14 and 18 have rehearsed and worked enthusiastically for 6 months. As with the adults, CHOREOS stands for singing and movement in a successful unity. Lars Scheibner and Stephan Lutermann have now implemented the CHOREOS methodology for the first time with highly motivated young people. The singing and dancing enthusiastic kids from Neustrelitz got involved in this adventure in weekly rehearsals with Lenka Liebling, director of the dance house of the dt. dance company and Grit Kolpatzik, member of the opera choir Neustrelitz. All of them were experienced in dancing, but singing and dancing at the same time was a particular challenge for the 16 young ladies and one boy. 

In parallel, a school class with their teacher, Stefan Schneider, in Melle near Osnabrück, 480km away, set out to visually illuminate the theme of this first production ("Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow" ). The result is three videos projected live on stage, body and cube. With the interactive video technology of physicist Dr. Marcus Doering and the multi-layered appearance of the young people, the production became a fascinating multi-sensory experience.


Audrey Snyder (*1953)
„Durme, Durme“

Ofer Ben-Amots (*1955)
„Dreidl Song“

Markus Munzer Dorn (*1955)
„Scarborough Fair“

Pharell Williams (*1973)